Ewan Mackie

Head of operations – Cardrona and Treble Cone

Want to find out how the ski resorts are tackling their environmental impact?

We’ll be talking to Ewan about The Cardrona Foundation a project advocating for worthy causes & a stronger community. They want to start a cycle of giving, well-being, & conservation that ripples through their community to make Cardrona, its people & future as good as they possibly can be.

Stephen Cousins

Founder – Bluebird Snow Exchange

How can the way we shop help in the fight against climate change?

Bluebird was built on the idea of making second-hand the new normal to reduce the environmental impact associated with our snow-sports gear. We take our sustainability agenda seriously. To compliment our marketplace, Bluebird also hosts regular events and produces educational materials focusing on creating a sustainable future for snow-sports.

Matt Barr

The voice behind the Type 2 podcast

Is there hope? Meet Matt Barr the voice behind our favourite action sports podcast

Launched in July 2019, Type 2 is a podcast in association with Patagonia that explores the intersection between the outdoors, action sports and activism. Matt interviews athletes, activists, journalists, scientists, photographers, campaigners – people who are working with their communities or using their platforms to help raise awareness and drive environmental change.

Malcolm Wood

Producer – The Last Glaciers

What is the relationship between climate change, mountain environments and glaciers?

The Last Glaciers is the most comprehensive film ever produced about the relationship between climate change, mountain environments, and glaciers. Filmed over four years in twelve countries, The Last Glaciers captures the fragility of the natural world, the impact humans have on our life support systems and the friendship, personal challenges and tragedies experienced by the explorers during their journey.

Daniel Elkan

Founder – Snowcarbon.

How can train travel help in the fight against climate change, and how easy is it to get to the Alps by train?

Daniel is the founder of Snowcarbon, and organisation that offers a comprehensive, independent guide to ski holidays by train as well as offering holiday packages with rail travel included. We’ll be talking to him about the importance of alternative, sustainable travel to the mountains.

Sarisher Mann

Founder – SATI

Can we use the circular economy to transform our industry? How does circular economics work and what does it have to do with skiing?

Sarisher is the founder of the Sustainable Alpine Tourism Initiative (SATI) which aims to progress knowledge sharing and collaboration on sustainability in alpine tourism, with a focus on the circular economy as a lever.

Gavin Fernie-Jones

Founder – One Tree at a Time

How do you build a local community hub that provides education, solutions to waste and is self funding?

Gavin is the Founder of One Tree at a Time, a not-for-profit that is tackling the environmental impacts of the ski industry head on. Encouraging businesses and individuals to change habits, through the cultivation of a community that will lead to the protection of our mountains.

Al Judge

Owner – AliKats Chalet Company

How can you tell if a company is addressing its environmental impact?

AliKats’ are constantly thinking about how they can reduce their environmental impact and help conserve the mountain spaces they love. They continue to make progress towards their environmental priorities by resourcing responsibly, recycling and reducing waste; as well as finding ways to spread the word about environmental concerns in the Alps.

Max Smith

Business and infrastructure – Montagne Verte

How are large scale system change projects transforming the Morzine area?

In March 2019 Montagne Verte came to life, and work began organising community events and developing an online presence to raise awareness. This has led to the employment of a sustainability director, Benoit Prunel, a specialist in the transitioning of regions to become energy-efficient. The result of all this hard work is the launch of several large scale system change projects in the Morzine area. 

Cecile Burton

Digital communications – Montagne Verte

How can pledge systems help companies and individuals become better “Citizens of Winter”?

Montagne Verte and One Tree at a Time have collaborated on a “Citizen of Winter” pledge. During the conversation we’ll be talking about how the two organisations are using pledge systems to help businesses transform their operations. We’ll also discuss how a pledge can help you on the pathway to a more sustainable snowsports adventure.

Andy Davies

Web designer – Sitegeist Web Services

Can you lessen the impact of your next snow-sports adventure from the comfort of your home?

Andy Davies is greening the internet. The internet is a power hungry beast and every time you search, browse or store something online there is a hidden carbon cost.

There are three main areas you can make quick and easy improvements in. In just a few minutes you can change your online habits for the better! 

Ryan Browne

Owner – Snowlinx Airport Transfers

Can we transform airport transfers?

Ryan is the owner of Snowlinx a transfer company operating in the 3 Vallees. Using a pledge system created by One Tree at a Time together they’re transforming the way they operate and pledging to deliver a different model for airport transfers.

Millie Charrington

Communications & Community Events Fundraiser

Sustainability in the Mountains, Dream or Reality?

Climate change can’t be stopped by one person. We are billions of people living on one planet, and by working together we can have a real impact. The sharing of ideas and projects helps us work as communities, inspiring others to make changes that can have a positive impact. The climate crisis will be slowed by systemic and behavioural change, so we need to make individual choices that in turn affect wider systems. I want to be part of that change.

Albert Jones

British Songwriter

Thanks for joining us, to celebrate we’ll be beaming an Albert Jones originals set from the French Alps into your living room.

In an increasingly polarised world Albert music is looking forward with hope, learning and the capacity for change.

Albert’s singles have been played on BBC Radio 2 by Dermot O’Leary, BBC 6 Music by Tom Robinson and across the BBC Introducing network. His music has been streamed more than 100,000 times Worldwide.

Charlotte Morley

Founder – The Little Loop

Charlotte has created The Little Loop the UK’s first rental marketplace for kids clothing.

When my daughters were born I realised that the planet they’ll inherit is very different from the one I was born into. Fewer trees, more plastic. Less wilderness, more pollution. Fewer resources, bigger natural disasters and, if we continue as we are, no guarantee of future security.

I knew that if I wanted anything to change I needed to do something about it, so I began to build thelittleloop while on maternity leave with my second baby. Bringing my knowledge of sustainable parenting (I’m a cloth nappy addict) and retail technology together, I’m working with my amazing team to bring modern parents a revolutionary new way to clothe their children