Over the week we hope to fill you full of hope, convince you to join our community in the fight against climate change, and show you a collective of hard working, dedicated people that see a different future.

Throughout the week we’ll be integrating the line up with some how-to’s and the easiest way to stay up to date is to join the Citizen of Winter Facebook group. Here you’ll find an engaging group focusing on everything sustainable in the ski industry.

Day One – 5th October: Planning your adventure and travelling to the mountains

One of the biggest carbon impacts of any adventure to the mountains is travel. The journey from the UK to the French Alps typically makes up around 75% of your snow-sports holiday’s total carbon emissions. 

This is the first area to focus on when going on your next adventure and one where you can make an impact before you’ve left the comfort of your home. Join us for discussions on the lowest carbon transport to the mountains, learn about the technological advancements that are on the horizon and meet the adventurers that have taken green travel to the next level. We’ll help you make the right decisions that’ll protect the mountains and reduce your carbon footprint all whilst filling your minds with stories of low carbon adventures. 

5th October 10:00am (GMT) – Discussion with Andy Davies about lessening your impact online

Your adventure starts when you leave the house, your impact begins from the comfort of your armchair!

Before you book your next adventure you’ve already had an impact, we chat to Andy from Sitegeist Web Services about how to tidy up your online presence. He’s also focused on improving the online impact of the ski industry. Find out more about his journey, why he’s chosen this route and how he’s greening the internet.

5th October 1:00pm (GMT) – Discussion with Daniel about the benefits of train travel

Covid 19 disrupted the way we travel, and mainly in a good way, when we consider our emissions.

Planes were grounded, commuting all but disappeared and cycling experienced a renaissance. When travelling to ski resorts the lowest carbon practical option is to use the train. We chat to Daniel from Snowcarbon about train travel and how it can reduce the impact of your next snow-sports adventure

5th October 3:00pm (GMT) Gavin and Ryan chat about transforming airport transfers

Ryan is the owner of Snowlinx a transfer company operating in the 3 Vallees. Using a pledge system created by One Tree at a Time together they’re transforming the way they operate and pledging to deliver a different model for airport transfers.

5th October 5:00pm (GMT) – Save the Ski Train – Stephen and Daniel discuss the campaign to get the ski train running

When we consider travelling to ski resorts the lowest carbon practical option is to use the train, unfortunately Covid has denied us the option, for winter 2020 the ski train has been cancelled. We chat to Daniel from Snowcarbon about train travel and his campaign to get the train back on the track. Who made the call to cancel the train? Should the government be involved in ensuring green travel? Why did he start the campaign and is anyone listening?

5th October 7:00pm (GMT) – Panel discussion about today’s talks. Attendees to be announced.

Day Two – 6th October: Sustainability in the Mountains, Dream or Reality?

You’ve made it to the mountains using transport with the lowest carbon emissions but what now? Can a ski holiday be sustainable? Are there organisations, resorts and businesses making your dreams a reality? 

Today we’ll look at how you can reduce your impact when you arrive in the mountains. With conversations from businesses pledging to change, organisations supporting disruption and resorts leading the way to a sustainable model. 

The pace of change from within the industry is electric. We’ll be talking to the individuals, organisations and businesses that are getting their hands grubby and shaking up the landscape. Where should you travel, who should you stay with and how should you avoid greenwashing?

6th October 10:00am (GMT) – A chat with Clare from Fish & Pips about how pledge systems can be the catalyst for meaningful change.

Your shopping habits and your buck can play a big role in fighting climate change. By supporting brands that are breaking the mould and stepping up to the plate you are affecting change. These companies are at the forefront of a green revolution, listen in as we find out how Fish & Pips are tackling the biggest problem of our generation. Hear how they’re putting a sizeable dent in single use plastic, chopping out whole chunks of carbon emissions, educating staff for a greener future and instigating change by geeking out on the stats.

6th October 1:00pm (GMT) – Discussion with Max about large scale system change projects

Montagne Verte was originally inspired by the work of Surfers Against Sewage, and the brainchild of Barbara DeMoubrey, who rallied up a small group of friends and began work on how to reduce plastic waste in her hometown of Morzine, France.

In March 2019 Montagne Verte came to life, and work began organising community events. This led to the employment of a sustainability director, Benoit Prunel, a specialist in the transitioning of regions to become energy-efficient. The result of all this hard work is the launch of several large scale system change projects in the Morzine area.

6th October 2:00pm (GMT) – What is Montagne Verte and what do they do?

We catch up with Cecile to find out what Montagne Verte do, join us for a digital journey through our first year.

Why do they exist? What have they achieved? How have you helped them? What can you do? We’ll answer all these and more. So tune in from anywhere in the world and be a part of the change.

6th October 3:00pm (GMT) – Sustainability in the Mountains, Dream or Reality?

Millie from the One Tree team has compiled their latest annual report. Join her as she runs through this year’s achievements and find out if sustainability in the mountains is a reality.

Along the way you’ll find out about how One Tree is changing businesses and the community, and discover how you can apply these changes to your next snow-sports adventure.

6th October 5:00pm (GMT)Discussion with Ewan Mackie, logistics manager at Cardrona, about the challenges Cardrona face and how they’re embracing circular models to transform their resort

Learn about the Cardrona Foundation, and how they’re using their position to advocate for worthy causes & support a stronger community. How they want to start a cycle of giving, well-being, & conservation that ripples through the community to make their place, people & future as good as they possibly can be.

6th October 7:00pm (GMT) – Panel discussion about today’s talks. Attendees to be announced.

Day Three – 7th October: You’re ready to hit the slopes, get the kit that’ll help you Shred the Pistes without Shredding the Environment

You’re ready to hit the slopes and that involves a lot of kit. It’s about time you took a long hard look at how your gear is manufactured, how we can get the most from our resources and what happens to your hardware at the end of its usable life.

This might not be what you want to hear but buying second-hand or renting ski gear will dramatically lessen your impact. Sure we all like shiny new toys but overconsumption is destroying the planet. Do you need to own something that you use for one week a year? Can circular models provide the solutions? Are there circular products in the ski industry? Who’s designing their way out of trouble? 

7th October 10:00am (GMT) – What is the circular economy and how can it be used in the ski industry? We chat to Sarisher founder of SATI about everything circular.

Sarisher is the founder of the Sustainable Alpine Tourism Initiative (SATI) which aims to progress knowledge sharing and collaboration on sustainability in alpine tourism, with a focus on the circular economy as a lever.

Can we use the circular economy to transform our industry? How do circular economics work and what does it have to do with skiing?

7th October 1:00pm (GMT) – What is a circular ski shop? How does it work?

Join us for a guided tour of the One Tree community space. A hub for sharing skills in the local community, providing solutions to waste and an area to foster ideas. This is not your average ski shop, meet the people that make this a special place.

7th October 5:00pm (GMT) – How can we design ourselves out of trouble?

Gav and the team are focusing on upstream waste and creating products out of natural materials. As well as founding One Tree at a Time, Gav is also the owner of The Boot Lab and has been working on a project to create compostable, custom-made insoles for ski and snowboard boots. Here we find out more about the project and how you go about rethinking products.

7th October 7:00pm (GMT) – Panel discussion about today’s talks. Attendees to be announced.

Day Four – 8th October: Meet the individuals using their skills to raise awareness through events, film and media

We listen to their stories, find out why they’ve decided to act and how they’re using their skills to engage. 

8th October: 10:00am (GMT) – Climb It for Climate

Montagne Verte and One Tree have embarked on a mission to not only improve their backyards but also raise awareness to a wider audience. Through their monthly mountain climbing campaigns “Climb It for Climate”. We chat with Cecile to find out a bit more about the events and how they’re engaging a community.

8th October: 1:00pm (GMT) – How do you use film to convey a message? Joining us is Malcolm Wood Producer of The Last Glaciers

The Last Glaciers is the most comprehensive film ever produced about the relationship between climate change, mountain environments, and glaciers. Filmed over four years in twelve countries, The Last Glaciers captures the fragility of the natural world, the impact humans have on our life support systems and the friendship, personal challenges and tragedies experienced by the explorers during their journey.

This film is a code red wake-up call that distills the dense science on climate change into an easy to understand and visual journey of the facts. A heart-wrenching story of discovery that takes the audience on a thrilling ride of extreme sports whilst sharing the camaraderie of the team as they confront personal challenges amongst the immense beauty of natural mountain environments. Shot on cinematic cameras, its message is simple: we must protect and restore our life support systems before they completely collapse.

8th October 5:00 (GMT) – Is there hope? Meet Matt Barr the voice behind our favourite action sports podcast, Looking Sideways

When we launched Citizen of Winter we asked you, the listener, what questions you wanted answering to help make your next snow-sports adventure more sustainable. The most popular answer was: to find out more about transformation within the industry, and whether sustainability in the mountains is a dream or a reality? With 141 podcast episodes, under his belt Matt is well placed to help us begin to answer this question.

Day Five – 9th October: How can you become a citizen of winter?

Today we take a look at some of the pledges you can take as an individual to improve the environmental impact of your next snow-sports adventure.

9th October: 10:00am (GMT) – How can the way we shop help in the fight against climate change?

We chat to the entrepreneurs Stephen Cousins and Charlotte Morley about their businesses and how they’re transforming the traditional shop model to make business a force for good.

Bluebird Snow Exchange is the brainchild of Stephen Cousins. It’s a snow-sports marketplace, for you to buy and sell second-hand snow-sports gear and join a community of enthusiasts committed to environmental and social change.

Charlotte has created The Little Loop the UK’s first rental marketplace for kids clothing. Started when Charlottes daughters were born and the realisation that the planet they’ll inherit is very different from the one she was born into. Fewer trees, more plastic. Less wilderness, more pollution. Fewer resources, bigger natural disasters and, if we continue as we are, no guarantee of future security.

9th October: 1:00pm (GMT) – How can you tell if a company is addressing its environmental impact?

An important pledge you can take as a Citizen of Winter is to choose companies or resorts that prioritise an environmental ethos, but how can you see through the greenwash?

We chat with Al about how his chalet company AliKats has taken sustainability to the next level and how a consumer can assess a companies priorities.

9th October 5:00pm (GMT) -Phew what a week! It’s Friday and that means apres. Thanks for joining us, to celebrate we’ll be beaming an Albert Jones originals set from the French Alps into your living room.

In an increasingly polarised world Albert music is looking forward with hope, learning and the capacity for change.

Albert’s singles have been played on BBC Radio 2 by Dermot O’Leary, BBC 6 Music by Tom Robinson and across the BBC Introducing network. His music has been streamed more than 100,000 times Worldwide.

9th October 7:00pm (GMT) – Take the pledge

Thanks Citizens of Winter, it’s been a blast! Cecile and Gav have been working on a pledge system for you. We’ve demonstrated how parts of the industry have pledged to change and now it’s you turn. We’ll run you through the pledge and how it can help you lead a more sustainable live.

So, why not complete the pledge and receive our resources and become a Citizen of Winter?