About Us

The Citizen of Winter festival 2020 is a collaboration between Bluebird Snow Exchange, One Tree at a Time and Montagne Verte.

The idea was to create a jam packed week full of workshops, talks and panel discussions aimed at making your next snow-sports adventure more sustainable.

On the final day we launched the Citizen of Winter Pledge, which is designed to provide you with ideas for lessening the impact of your next snow-sports adventure. The pledge also helps us lobby business for change, by collecting data we’re able to demonstrate to the industry that snow-sports enthusiasts want change.

Big thanks to all the speakers, it was fascinating and we learnt so much. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm!

Cecile, Stephen and Gav – Team Citizen of Winter

Bluebird Snow Exchange

Promoting and providing the platform for the reuse of gear to protect our mountain environments. 

Buy and sell second-hand, returned and ex-warranty outdoor gear using Bluebird. 

Changing the Status Quo

“The highest contributor to the carbon footprint of clothing is the production of fibre through polymer extrusion or agriculture.” – WRAP, Valuing Our Clothing

Our mission is to stop the reliance on mass production and instead make the most out of the gear we already have. This will reduce waste, increase product life-cyles and help us move towards a cleaner planet. Bluebird is a community of environmentally responsible brands and individuals who have come together to sell and buy used, returned or ex-warranty outdoor products.

Our Mission

Changing behaviours. Building community. Protecting mountain environments.

We help individuals and businesses to reduce their impact, protecting the mountains we love.

Our pledge system helps businesses achieve positive change

Our resources and support enable individuals to live more sustainably

Our events and campaigns aim to engage and inspire our community

Who we are

We’re an organisation that sees a different future. We’re a team of mountain-lovers that care passionately about protecting our environment from climate change.

What we do

In a nutshell, we help change habits. We help individuals and businesses make positive changes to their lives and operational practices. From our business pledges, to our online store for repurposed gear; our work encourages and supports sustainable changes, big or small. We work collaboratively to find solutions to simple and complex problems. 

Our events and awareness campaigns connect a worldwide community of outdoor enthusiasts. With Climb It for Climate, we want to highlight the changes occurring in the mountains, and spur our communities into taking action. The Fix It Tour is all about making the most of what we’ve got, challenging the clothing industry. We repurpose and repair goods destined for landfill, breathing new life into items once confined to the back of cupboards.

Why we do it

It’s time to change. Not next season, not tomorrow, but now. We witness first hand the impact on our mountains brought about by climate change. We need to step up to protect our mountain environments, and put an end to business as usual.


 Montagne Verte is a results focused environmental non-profit. A list of our achievements with example projects can be found below and a list of the things we’re hoping to achieve can be found here. Our work can be categorised into three key pillars:


We aim to inform, inspire and integrate with our community. 

We do this through:


Regular Communications

Empowering others to host and run their own sustainable initiatives


We aim to educate and support businesses to become more sustainable. 

We do this through:

The Pledge 

The Sustainable Strategy Report

The Sustainability Director

Research + Information




We aim to encourage and collaborate with local authorities to become more sustainable.

 We do this through:

The Sustainable Strategy Report

The Sustainability Director


Research + Information